About Us

Ten-23 isn't just a web development agency; it's a narrative of risk, passion, and self-discovery, founded by Natasha Johnson, a self-taught Software Engineer. The journey unfolded in 2021 when I left a stable career as a Counselor in Corrections to pursue a 'dream deferred' of becoming a Software Engineer. With a year-long timeline and armed with determination, I navigated the realm of coding using free online resources like YouTube tutorials and The Odin Project. To document the learning process, I embarked on the #100DaysOfCode challenge, sharing insights on Twitter. You can witness the inception of this journey in my Day 1 video below:

In a mere six months, I translated newfound skills into action, crafting my first freelance website for Visions of Hope Psychological Services. The journey didn't stop there; continuous learning propelled me into my first role as a Software Engineer at Township. An art lover and hobbyist painter, this love for creativity seamlessly aligns with my role, fostering a fondness for front-end web development. In the quest for mastery, I continually explore new tools and techniques, dedicating my spare time to enhancing my craft that I can pass on to clients.

The name Ten-23 holds profound meaning – a tribute to my late grandmother, a steadfast pillar of support throughout my journey. Despite her passing just months before landing my first role, her spirit lives on in the agency's name, symbolizing her October 23rd birthday.

Granny and I standing facing each other acting silly on her birthday.